"You're like a Renaissance Woman."

That stands as the best complement I have ever received. Since then, it's been my goal to live up to the title. I possess many talents, and I have found that my myriad of skills are best challenged by costume design. It’s a field where strange obsessions with pockets of history, a persistant doodling habit, a love of puns, art, books and a fabric fixation meld flawlessly.

I graduated in 2017 from Baylor University with a 4.0 and a BFA in Theatre Performance with focuses in Costume Design and Musical Theatre.

Since graduation I've turned myself totally over to costuming. I love design because it is both intellectual and artistic. Costumes, with a few shifts in seams and the right accessories, utterly alter how we see people. I love the challenge and the subtlety. I aim to bring complexity to a character with a single look.

Though a native of South Burlington, Vermont, I am currently residing in Waco, Texas.

I look forward to working with you in the future!